AotD: Is personality modulated by language?

Article of the Day: Is personality modulated by language? by Veltkamp, G. M., Recio, G., Jacobs, A. M., & Conrad, M. (2012) (International Journal of Bilingualism, 17(4). 496-504. DOI: 10.1177/1367006912438894) Background & Research The complex relationships between language and culture, as well as thought and personality, have been the subject of great interest and research since …

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AotD: Cognitive Correlates of Personality

Exploring the connections, if any, between executive functioning (EF) and personality traits could be important for understanding the origins, neurobiological and otherwise, of individual differences, for advancing theory on different predispositions toward certain behaviors (e.g., to be targeted for intervention in clinical applications), as well as for issues relating to construct overlap. In the last few years especially, quite a few studies have indeed looked at links between (mostly individual) EF components and (Big Five) personality traits. Many possible connections have been identified, but overall, according to the authors of this article, the findings have been mixed and no study has considered all core aspects of EF as laid out by Miyake and Friedman and all five Big Five personality traits simultaneously.

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